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Jan 25, 2016

Health and Fitness Trends

It can be a real challenge to keep up with all of latest trends…you’ve got cross-fit, ZUU, Paleo this and Vegan that…well today we’re going to look at the top ten health and fitness trends for 2016.

On Today’s show you’ll discover…

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Health and Fitness Trends

The ACSM’s (American College of Sports Medicine) just released its annual “Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2016,”The survey asks close to 3000 health and fitness professionals to predict what we’ll see in fitness this year.

I thought it would be fun to run down the list and hear from some of the experts I’ve had on the show.

So here are the top results from the survey:

1 Wearable Fitness Tech

I talked about one of the most interesting new health monitors on Funky Fitness Now a few weeks ago with my co-host Jessica Bailey.

2 Bodyweight Exercise

With more people going back to basics and rediscovering the effectiveness of push-ups, squats and burpees it’s no wonder bodyweight training came in at number 2 on the survey.

In episode 57 I talked with Jason Johnson from beyond fitness and asked him how to get started with bodyweight exercise.

3 Tabata Training


Jessica Bailey teaching yogaIzumi Tabata performed studies in 1996 and demonstrated that High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) provided some impressive results in a short period of time. Tabata worked with Olympic Skaters. He applied a schedule of H.I.I.T.that covered 4 days and included a 5th day of steady state (traditional) training. During days scheduled for High Intensity Interval Training the athletes worked at their max capacity for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest 8 times in a row. Each session lasted a total of 4 minutes but despite the short time the results were impressive.

I spoke with my good friend, celebrity fitness instructor Jessica Bailey on Episode 75 about why Tabata training is so effective.

4 Good ole’ fashioned strength training

Whether you’re a man or a woman there are some big benefits to strength training and I spoke with Fitness Hall of Famer Kathy Kaehler on episode 149 about some of the extra benefits you get from including strength training in your fitness routine.

5 Creative Fitness Programs – Qualified Instructors

A growing trend are the number of qualified fitness instructors available to help you achieve your goals. With more coming on-line everyday finding a class or program has never been easier. I was lucky to get a chance to talk with one of the best in episode 135 WolfPack Fitness. My guest was Luke Robinson who runs WolfPak Fitness in Auburn Maine and his approach to training others is creative, fun and effective.

He has built a really unique program to help men and women get strong and gain confidence by exercising outside. On top of that he has the really amazing events all centered around fitness….the really cool part is these events also help give back to the community.  I asked him about one the Sunday Primal Fitness sessions I had seen on his the WolfPak Facebook page.

6 Personal Training

If the “group” training thing isn’t for you and you prefer a one on one approach you’re not alone because Personal Training comes in at #6 on the top ten Fitness Trends.

7 Functional Fitness

Do you prefer workouts that help you move better throughout your day? Functional Fitness uses strength training to improve balance, coordination, force, power, and endurance to enhance your ability to perform activities you do as part of your daily life.

In episode 45 “Out of Your Mind Fitness” I spoke with WWE SuperStar John Morrison who developed a fitness program called Out of Your Mind Fitness based on functional training and maximizing your workout time.

8 Fitness Programs for Older Adults

The needs of baby boomers are high on the radar as retirees and older adults want programs to stay healthy and active. Back in episode 48 “Choose Health with Dr. Lori Shemek” I was honored to talk with Dr. Lori Shemek. Dr. Lori is a TV personality, author, motivational speaker and helps design lifestyle programs for people who want to be healthy as they age.

Dr. Lori and I talked about the impact low level inflammation can have on the body and how important proper nutrition and exercise is for healthy aging.

9 Combination Exercise and Weight Loss Programs

The 9th top trend in fitness goes to health and fitness professionals who provide a combination of Exercise and Weight Loss programs to help their clients shed the fluff.

I’ve had a number of great guests on the show who’ve shared their exercise and weight loss programs. Tyson Lee “Anti-Aging with Tyson Lee”, Dr. Eddie Fatakhov “The Skinny on Sustained Weightloss” and Dr. Michael Tremba “Brakthrough to a Healthy You” to name a few.

10 Yoga

Yoga is popular for so many reasons but one of my favorites….you can do it anywhere and anytime! With so many styles and methods you can never get bored or plateau. Yoga is widely known for improving health, balance, flexibility and promoting relaxation.


Even though Outside Activities did not make the top ten I want to let you now that we did make the top 20 coming in at #14! Yeah…people love getting outside to be active! I guess the good news is that no matter what your health and fitness goals are there’s a wide variety of choices available, literally something for everyone.


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