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On the Outside Health and Fitness Podcast we explore new and fun ways to get fit on the trail, on the water, on the slopes and outside. Discover the latest in health and fitness from leading experts and get tips on fun ways to get fit. We're getting outside the box, outside our comfort zone and outside and in shape.

Oct 26, 2015

Fitness Mistakes

In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness podcast we talk about common fitness mistakes with scary consequences.

On Today’s show you’ll discover...

  • ... some of the most common fitness mistakes (some you might even be making) and the scary consequences that can result from these simple errors;
  • ... and you'll  hear from guest experts on the best ways to avoid these mistakes so you get the most from your next workout, or outside adventure.

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Common Fitness Mistakes

Fitness Mistake #1 Static Stretching Cold Muscles

Static stretching cold muscles Can lead to torn and tight muscles. Better to warm-up with dynamic movements and stretch once your muscles are warm.

Fitness Mistake #2 Skipping Your Warm Up

Skipping a warm-up before lifting weights for example, can result in torn muscles and with cardiovascular exercise, could raise your heart rate too fast.

Fitness Mistake #3 Not Staying Sufficiently Hydrated

Becoming dehydrated is REALLY serious and SCARY. In fact, at 3% dehydration you could pass out and fall into a coma.

Fitness Mistake #4 Not Giving Yourself Enough Time to Train

This can be very scary because inadequate training could result in everything from cramps and injury to serious cardiac complications and death.

Fitness Mistake #5 Having a "No pain No Gain" attitude

"No pain no gain" is another scary fitness mistake that can lead to injury.

Experts on Today's Show

Dr. Barry GoodMan

Dr. Barry Goodman has been practicing Chiropractic with his family at Goodman Chiropractic. Established in 1977, the Goodman Family has been serving the chiropractic needs for two generations. Bart and Barry took their lead from their late, great father Charles. Their mother Geri continues to run the administrative side of the business and keeps everyone smiling.

Barry earned an Associate of Arts from Moorpark College, Moorpark and Bachelor of Science from Cleveland College, Los Angeles. His Doctor of Chiropractic from Cleveland College, Los Angeles and is a certified Industrial Disability Evaluator.

Listen to my full interview with Dr. Barry Goodman

Joanna Chodorowska

Joanna is a competitive athlete and a sports nutrition coach. As an athlete herself, she knows the importance of nutrition for a healthier, more fit athlete. She understands the challenges endurance athletes have with food choices, training twice a day, dehydration, race day nutrition and time constraints.

Joanna has been a triathlete for over 18 years. Along the way the opportunity to start her own nutrition practice presented itself. She’s been operating her business, Nutrition in Motion, for over 10 years now.

Listen to my full interview with Joanna

Dr. Eddie Fatakhov

Dr. Eddie Fatakhov is a co-author of The Doctors’ Clinic-30 Program and a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. Dr.Eddie is an expert in the field of nutrition and weight loss. He’s worked as a certified personal trainer, nutritionist;  and helped his clients lose weight by creating individualized exercise routines and meal plans.

As a physician, he is very familiar with the obesity epidemic that is facing this country. Daily, he guides his patients to healthier lifestyle choices, which help prevent disease and improve the overall quality of their lives.

Listen to my full interview with Dr. Eddie Fatakhov

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