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Dec 21, 2015

Affordable Race Photos

In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness podcast I talk with Greg Tuballes from RaceLens. RaceLens is a really cool service that provides affordable photos by including the crowd of spectators to be your unofficial photographers for the event!

On Today’s show you’ll discover…

  • …how Racelens provides affordable photos to race participants;
  • …gives spectators an opportunity to become part of the event;
  • … and provides a unique crowd-sourced platform that’s a win – win for everybody involved!

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What is RaceLens?

[2:56] The Platform

Racelens is a  platform that allows for spectators or freelance photographers to take pictures of the event and upload them to our platform. We crowd source photos at athletic events, specifically running events. We do  this so the athletes can purchase photos at affordable rates.

The problem with most race photos is they cost around 30-40 dollars for singles and upwards of 80 dollars for a collection. Most runners never purchase photos because of the expense.

When you consider that the normal race fee is 30-40 dollar you can see it doesn’t make sense to spend that and more on a photo.

[3:52] How did RaceLens come about?

Three of the four people behind the idea are business school class mates and runners. When they met they found they had running in common and as the talked realized they all recognized  this problem with race photography.

[4:12] Photographers benefit too

So the runners benefit because the pictures are more affordable but your service also benefits the photographers too?

Yes, it also benefits the photographers whether you’re a freelancer or a spectator because we give the vast majority of the sale directly back to the photographer.

[4:27] How does a runner choose the images they want?

Photographers upload the images to RaceLens and then tags the photo with bib numbers making it easy for the runner too search by their bib number.

It also gives spectators an opportunity to be more engaged in the event.

[6:11] Personal Experience with the High Cost of Race photos

In NYC we have run the marathon and to qualify you need to run 9 races. Each event is 40 dollars. They have a lot of photographers around the course and I would have liked to have purchased a photo as personal keepsake but at 30 – 40 dollars it was just too much and I never did.

When we did our initially customer research we found that less than 5% of runners have ever purchased a photo.

[7:32] Other Applications

Do you see an opportunity for RaceLens to be used at just about any event?

Yes, although right now we’re very focused on the running and endurance community. We may expand into triathlons, tough mudders and fun runs.

[9:21] The Future for RaceLens

Depending on how well we do, we would like to produce a stand alone app to make it as easy as possible. The web application works right now.

[10:06] More Information and Contact RaceLens

How can you find out more about RaceLens.

  • Website at [](
  • Facebook page](
  • [Twitter](
  • Email [](

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