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Mar 7, 2016

In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness podcast I talk with Josh Waldron from Par 3 Near Me about how golf is different on a par 3 course.

On Today’s show you’ll discover…

  • …what a par 3 course is;
  • …the health benefits you get from the game of golf;
  • …how to find a par 3 course near you.

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About Josh Waldron

Josh Waldron is a web designer and golf course manager. He is passionate about staying fit and believes that smaller golf courses provide great opportunities for fresh air and exercise. To that end, Josh is building, a website designed to connect golfers of all ages and skill levels with nearby short courses.

Par 3 Golf

0:13 What’s Par 3 Near Me about? 

There’s a growing demand for smaller golf courses. People are looking for courses that are beginner friendly, don’t require as much of a time commitment or aren’t as expensive as traditional courses.

Par 3 Near Me is designed to connect people with those types of courses.It has a  Geo-Location feature so when you logon it can tell where you are and then recommend courses in your area. It’s great for someone who travels and wants to find courses in the area.

0:51 What is a Par 3 golf course? 

Usually a par 3 course has shorter distances but the same challenges as a regulation sized golf  course. Some are 18 holes and some are 9 but many offer multiple tee boxes so you can play 18 holes in the space of 9 holes.

1:32 How long have you playing at Par 3 golf courses? 

It was in college that Josh started playing golf and discovered how much fun it was.When he was 13 his mom took him to his first par 3 course.

2:01 Golf seems like a pretty expensive sport, is playing a Par 3 a little easier on the wallet? 

Yes, most par 3 courses are at least half the cost of a traditional course.

2:32 What are some of the health benefits you get from playing golf? 

Like a lot of the activities we talk about on the show, golf is a great way to get outdoors, enjoy fresh air and the benefits of being in the sun. There are some additional benefits too:

  • It’s a great way to get some cardiovascular exercise when you walk a course
  • it’s a great way to burn extra calories (walking just 9 holes can burn between 700 and 800 calories!)
  • because the game is so much fun it’s a distraction that allows you to get some exercise and have fun at the same time!

4:25 Can you play golf in the winter? 

The golf season is longer the further south you go where snow doesn’t really impact your ability to get out and play. That said, there are those hearty souls that head out in the winter to play a few rounds!

5:12 What makes a par 3 golf course so good for beginners? 

There are few reasons why a Par 3 is such a good option for beginners:

  • Shorter distances to the holes;
  • The overall atmosphere is perfect for beginners. Generally you’ll find a friendly staff who caters to the needs of a beginner;

6:04 If you’re a beginner can you go to a par 3 course and rent equipment? 

Yes, most places will have rental equipment to help get you started. They want beginners to be there.

6:30 What’s the relationship par 3(s) have the regulation sized courses? 

It’s generally a very good relationship. The big courses are generally helpful and even refer beginners to local par 3 courses. Par 3 golf courses are perfect for grooming new golfers into future clients for the bigger courses. Some larger courses even have a par 3 course on site in addition to their regulation sized course.

7:18 What gave you the idea for Par 3 Near Me

A lot of customers would come in asking about par 3 courses and how to find them. Based on his experiences and those of his customers, Josh realized there is a demand for this type of golf.

There are a lot of people who can’t afford a country club membership and then those who simply prefer a par 3 course. There are people who travel and look for par 3 golf courses. Josh went on-line and found only one other resource. The resource was good but Josh saw an opportunity to make it better and developed Par 3 Near Me as a result.

The site also includes golf tips, FAQs and other helpful golf related resources.

10:07 How do you submit Par 3 courses? 

The best way is to send a link through the contact form.

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