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Feb 15, 2016

In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness podcast I talk with Willo Glynn founder of Growler Bicycle Company about his quest to develop the ultimate four season fat bike.

On Today’s show you’ll discover…

  • …exactly what a FAT Bike is..
  • …why they are SO COOL…and
  • …a new company on a mission to design a FAT bike for all four seasons

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About Willo Glynn

Willo Glynn is the Founder of Growler Bicycle Company.   Born in Michigan, Raised in Florida, and now living in New York, Willo began to enjoy mountain biking in the late 90’s thrashing the sandy trails of central Florida on his Trek 7000.  In 2002 Willo Glynn moved to Western New York to fulfill his youthful dream of becoming an entrepreneur.  

After establishing a successful business in Syracuse New York, In 2004 his venture brought him to Rochester New York where he would meet a small group of mountain bike addicts.  Unbeknownst to Willo this is where his passion for mountain biking would flourish.  

In 2012, on a cold and snowy day, Willo was introduced to his first Fat Bike.  Over the next several years he began development of the Growler Bicycle Company with an all seasons Fat Bike being the top priority on his list.  After years of testing and development, in the spring of 2016 Growler Bicycle Company will release the ultimate Fat Bike. A four season Fat Bike built to handle ever adventure a Fat Bike enthusiast would ever ask for.

The Quest for a Four Season Fat Bike

4:26 After moving to New York Willow met a group of riding buddies who introduced Willow to Fat Bikes. The problem in upstate New York is, you get a lot of snow which means your options are to ride your mountain bike through fall and then snow shoe through the winter waiting for spring so you can ride again.

Fat Bikes open up another season for mountain biking and gives you the opportunity to ride through the snowy winter months.

5:32 Where did Fat Bikes come from?

It’s old technology that was used in the 70s and 80s, then it faded away. A group of riders in California and Colorado took single speed  fat bikes and they put balloon tires on them. With newer technology coming on the scene Fat Bikes have just recently started to take off.

6:33 What’s different about a Fat bike? How does it compare to a normal mountain bike?

Most Fat Bikes start with 4″ – 5″ wide tires vs traditional mountain bike tires in the 2.2 – 2.5″  range. The bigger tires give the Fat Bike the ability to “float” in varying conditions from mud to sand to snow.

7:24 Can you use a Fat Bike year round?

Yes, the bikes are becoming lighter, they are also starting to add suspension to fat bikes. Now you can have a one size fits all bike.

7:56 What’s it like the first time you ride one?

A lot of people believe that the big tires will make you go slow and bog you down. The big tires are actually very smooth and very fast. It’s awkward at first when you look down and see that really big fat tire.You’ll really love the way the bike feels. Fat bikes are rigid bikes so you get a really good feel for the ground. It can really bring you back to the old days of riding your bike as a kid.

9:11 What type of snow is best for a Fat Bike?

The best way to ride is on groomed trails but fresh powder is also great. Fresh powder is probably the most fun on a Fat Bike. You switch tires on Fat Bikes so you have specific tires for snow.

10:29 Talk about Growler Bicycle Company.

We’re developing a four season mountain bike right now. We’ve developed a frame that can hold a 5″ tire and give you all of your gearing options. Also, to make the big good for all four seasons we’re lightening the bike up. The bikes will come standard at just 30.5 pounds.

13:01 When will you be launching your fir bike?

The first bike launch will be spring of 2016.

13:49 Are you selling these?

We’re going to be a direct to consumer company where customers can select their bike right on line at []( then we’ll ship the bike and they’ll have it 5 to 6 days! The website is currently in development.

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Special thanks Jereme Rauckman for the amazing Fat Bike photo used in the cover art for this episode. “Fat Bike in the Pines” by Jereme Rauckman licensed under CC BY 2.0

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